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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It was 4.45pm and I was checking my facebook in front of my main door. Suddendly my students ran to my house and stand in front of me saying :" cikgu, kunci library?". (Translate: teacher, library key? - LOL direct translating)

I looked at them with me eyes wide opened and I answered : "why? Why would you want to borrow the library key? Who wants the key?"

"Teacher F. He asked us to borrow the key from you."

"Cannot! I dont want to lend it to you"

"Please teacher..." they begged me with their most cutest voice (lah sangat)

"Teacher, I am thirsty, we ran all over there to here just to get the key" a student said.

"Yes teacher, please gives us water. We are very thirsty and tired. It's hot!" Another student explain briefly.

"No way! Teacher dont have water!" I said. How -kedekut- i am.haha

"I saw a -minuman kotak- there teacher. On the table"

Omg! I cant just said NO cannot. I felt pitty on them. So i gave them the drinks. But then, they called their friends and they begged for another drinks! So i gave them again and opps! A student didnot get the drinks due to insufficient quota. Huhu.. I ask them to share and they said

"Dont want! "

OhmyGod. I was like "what the heck? I give that drinks for u to share but you dont want to share pulak!" a little thoughts that spoke in my mind.  I dont know what to say. Literally speaking , i was speechless. Haha! Sot. After ceramah for a few second, then barulah she wanted to share.

As they were walking to the school, i heard the same student said to her friend "jangan minum banyak ok! Nanti habis!!". Haha! Kids... they just say what they want to say..

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