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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Weakness: communication difficulties

i am not good at communication skills. my mum suggested me that i should attend a class for that since i told her about my problem last year. and I did told some of my best friends that im suffering this kind of difficulties. many of my friends saw my weakness, depends on what they wanna say about my attitude when im around them : i just dont talk so much, i talk only when i have something to say, cuz i dont have so much idea in my head to start a conversation. maybe im a passive person n my felt like mouth is zipped when im in some group of people whether i knew them well or not. BUT i do talk so much in my writing. this is the only way i express my feelings. so please dont get me wrong when u met me but saw me silent like an autistic person. even Albert Einstein is an autistic person who doesnt talk so much . (im not comparing myself to him orite. just for an example!)

I guess i have low risk and potential on having autistic disorder. as a trainee, we learnt so much about this. autism, dyslexia, n so on.. not all people are the same. some people do talk so much, but some are not. dont judge them easily. they may not talk so much, but they do write so much. many of the famous writer have this type of difficulties but they are very successful in their life.

maybe i will attend that class for sure. i will have to meet a lot of people starting this final semester. especially for my research seminar. gosh, hopefully that everything gonna be fine. LIFE MUST LOOK FORWARD, BE STRONG n take all of the HISTORY AS AN EXPERIENCE TO IMPROVE ourself and MOVE FURTHER.. =)

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