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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Salam Lebaran~!

gosh! da tym passed so fast! i cant believe it.. nyway.. ni kali ke-3/4/5 i cant sleep.. hahahaXX.. so funny~

DSC02318  this is me with my beloved bro n sis, ifran n aida.. ^^,.. tym ni lau x silap on da way balik kg.. berbuka posa kat sana.. ehem.. baju tu jgk yg paaaaaaaaaaalinggggggggg sya sayang.. ^^,.. it’.. ya lar.. mn mo cari kn..

msti mo jaga baik2~ heeee~





owh~ ni tym g ntah mana ntah.. haha.. baru potong rambut tym ni.. xD~ boring da lar ngan style gni.. mo potong pendek2 g.. tp.. huhuhuhu.. xda keyakinan plak.. ntah lar.. maybe next tym.. i will jgk tu.. tuk perubahan.. hee..

spek ni spek apa ahh? owh ya.. rm10 punya spek d tepi hiaplee.. kui3x.. sia rasa spek ni cute sgt.. haha.. spek sia yg len2 ilang da… yg itam tu adik sia bawa then ilang.. yg 1 g tmpt hbby siaaaaa.. sia suh dia pakai.. tp dia tia pakai pown.. xD~


DSC01973 aik.. hah.. tym ni tgh jln2 kat err.. mn ahh.. wisma merdeka kot.. tym ngan mum sia lau x silap.. cm bag kan? its a cake!!!!!! omg! sgt smart, sgt comel!!

owh ya.. ni ada version pink colour lg ni.. comel betul.. eee.. syg ni mo pigi putung.. pa lg lau mo makan.. ahhh~! penat ja urang bua ni cake.. hahaha~






ahh.. ni dia version pink.. tp cm rusak ja ni.. ahahah.. bha.. tinguk pelan2 ah..





harharharharharharh.. playing this ‘masak2’ with my lil bro n sis.. hahaha!!! so damn stupid playing this stuff with my age right now.. =P..




omg!! my sweet lil ZirEx kena masak already.. wuuwuwuw.. with the love pil.. wakkakakakaA~!!!! soooo kee liaannn.. [kesian..]




Next~!!slmt ari raya.. =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

=).. i’m da one who keep messing up my own mind.

these days.. i’m not in a good condition.. especially today.. i had stomach-ache and i keep goin to da wash room.. haihzz.. i didnt remember what i ate yesterday.. my whole body wasnt feel good neither.. wth?!!

orite.. it is almost 3 am in the morning n i cant sleep.. again!!! y do i hv this weird kind of habits? is this called habit? or penyakit? hukhukhuk.. maybe i was the one who thinking too much! arghhhhhhh!! can i shut down my brain just for 1 hours? that will be enough for me to stop thinking and get rid off those thoughts that bothering n disturbing my life~! dammit! i cant even sleep!!

i was terribly sad just now.. now pun also lar.. i donnoe.. crazy i think.. n i was crying til death just now.. what for? i dont even know! crying 4 sumthing that i did wrong? or for sumthing that i should never bother of?? apa bha ne?!!! arghhh!! all i need just ‘realizing my attendance’.. kunun.. buang masa! [padahal dlm ati mo jgk.. lol.. dasar!] ahh! whatever~

i cried n cried n cried.. i’m getting sick of crying.. but lama uda x cry2.. so best jgk lar rasa cmni.. this is sum kind of stabilizing our emotion process.. sowhateverlah.. but this time, i cried too much til i got asthma n sesak nafas.. wth?!!! it have been so long.. xD! [r u nuts? y am i still laughing at this condition? i dunnoe..].. i really wish i could go sumwhere to release my tensionn.. i really wish he was here.. xD~ [what r thinking oo?~]

sumtyms, when it came up like this.., i would frequently ask myself.. r u regretting for what had u done? do u wanna rewind the tym? my answer is ‘NO!’.. I dont wanna rewind the tym nor change anything.. i’m very grateful for what i have now.. really.. it doesnt matter.. i only wanted to continue living like this.. i hope so.. i hope my tym wont end too soon..

mumbling bebeling.. haihz.. i missed sumone so badly right now.. really.. i really wanted to call him but, hahaxX! my crdt was very2 low at the moment n i dont have chances to top up my acc.. malas lar mo cari reload uda at this hour.. but if by any chance, i have a lot of creditS, i wont call him or msg him neither.. why? why r u asking me? cant u see? its already 3:17 am.. n he is sleeping.. why on earth i want to call him if he got to go to work 2moro morning? haihz.. agak2 lar bha..

sum kind of depressing here.. all i want is him.. i want him to call me.. [ahh.. harapan yg xpasti.. urang uda tdo mcm2 lar ko sana azwani].. hohoho~!biarlaa.. tunggu ja lar sapa2 yg mo call ko.. hahahha.. xD~! whatever.. better goin to sleep after eating painkillers, my friend..

weather forecast for today is depressing.. xD~! i supposed to be happy cuz RAYA is coming soon but i dont have da mood to celebrate it.. i dunnoe why.. is it because of those assignments that is not yet completed? huh! curse u tasks!!

y am i always keeping messing up with my mind? y am i always cari pasal? y am i always making trouble.. is it me? is it really me??? ahhh.. u r soooooooo bad azwani.. u cant do this! stop acting with ur stupido emotion n dont let ur heart control ur mind!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y r u keep doing the same mistakes all over again in ur life azwani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u'll end up losing everything if u keep ur attitude like this!!!

owh ya.. i remembered.. i dreamt of sumthing weird a few days ago.. in my dream, i was asked by a lecturer to draw something and colour it with a crayon [ahaha! A CRAYON??!! 1 JA CRAYON KENA SUH PAKAI??!!].. kidding.. correction, CRAYONS! at the beginning i dont have any idea what should i draw.. so i just sat and watched my friends draw on their own paper.. n i’m not going to give my work to the lecturer cuz malas mo buat..! but then.. the idea came up so clearly n i started to draw a moon, stars, hills, river and a bridge.. why was i drawing like that? y did i choose black colour as my background instead of colourful picture.. i think there’re hidden clues that my dreams telling me.. owh ya.. about da drawing.. later i sketch on photoshop n upload it here.. =)..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

what happened?

tgh merendam kaki dalam larutan garam
himalaya [lau xslap] + ais!!!! ahhh.. best betul rasa dia ni..

ni tym jubli perak IPG tmpt kmi.. keboringan ni tym ni..

ni.. buku.. ntah buku apa ne..
aik.. termasuk pla ni gambar ni cni.. Keyboard idaman b sya dulu2..

okay.. ni bukan sia yg main yer.. xD~!

tym ni, sya ngan rumet sia bergerak ke pekan keningau utk jln2..
hohohohohoho~! teda keja lain.. teda tempat lain.. xD~
oh ya, gmbar dia dicencored sebab dia xmo gmbar dia kena
kasi tayang2 dia bilang.. so.. gmbar sia ja lar.. miahahaha!

seperti biasa, kami akan lawat mini zoo d sblh
kedai makan honey sweet bee..
owh gosh! i am very2 liking this creature!
its too cute n too expensive to have.. hukhuk..
tp msa sya amik gmbar ni, this creature is SLIM
already.. posa ganti kali dia.. mn lar tau.. xD~!

ohya.. i 4got to tell ya'all.. i'm KRS member.. miahahaha..
mula2 masuk, mmg xbest langsung..
but thank god my friends kat KRS suma tu gempak2..
lecturer pun best2.. suma ahli KRS ni sporting bha..
kan? walaupun diPUJI junior pasukan RELA..
Tym ni lau x silap tym tgh exams.. ehh.. silap.. tym tgh study..
ada tea4life lg sana yg cair.. wakakkaka.. opss.. sumthing
that should have been censored there.. xD~!

orite.. next~????!!!!! jap lg sia upload.. susah tul mo posting d blogspot ni.. bikin panaz.. mo arrange gmbar lg lar susah.. kin geram2 jak! *_* =geram3x= bagus lg live.spaces.. haihz.. sia edit dr sana then post pigi sini lar.. chaaaaaaoouuuuuuuuu~

Dear Blogspot..

Orite! i'm supposed to sleep at this hour.. but.. =.=".. for some reasons, i cant.. i started to type and blogging so i can feel sleepy n off to bed A.S.A.P.. "i believe i can fly" -Thats the song that played in my playlist.. aduiiiii.... i believe i can sleep.. huhuhu..

okaylah.. where should i start? oh wait.. i need to connect my w910i to laptop using usb cable 1st to get my storyboard.. aiiiyaaa! so lame this laptop.. only got 3 usb port.. one for mouse, n one for broadband.. but this broadband hah!, it uses to much spaces smpai usb port 1 xdpt guna.. damn betul.. eeEEEeeE! sakitnya ati sia... *blur*

"ku sedari semua jalanku... tak berarah kepadamu"..

astaga! napa lgu ni yg men ni.. kalo version artis nda pa lar.. ni version c capriuszaura! waakkakakak! i felt stupid listening to my own recorded voices yg bersinging2.. siap ada bunyi mouse kena click lg.. xD~!

*copying n pasting pictures from SE w910i to new folder on desktop*
wahhhh.. lambatnya.. smbil2 tu sia cari lar layouts yg best tu b sya.. he asked me to change his blog to attractive n sowhatever lar.. huhuhu.. i forgot already all the html code.. hahaxX! whatever... usaha tangga kejayaan.. things i do for love.. wahahaha.. jiwang siot.. hukkkkkkk~! *pengsan*

owh.. siap uda.. okay..

here's the story mory:
1. i cant remember when, my family n my cuzies berholiday at tawau.. [again]

haihzz.. smpat g bergambar..

ni tmpat kmi stay.. KUHARA COURT, Tawau

Swimming pool.. ahh.. mo mandi tym ni.. tp.. hukhuk.. xda baju
yg sesuai.. miahahhahahaha!!

da view from our house.. hohohoho~
very2 cantik.. kunun~ =..="

aiyaaaaaaa... gmbar2 yg len i donnoe oo d mn.. hahha.. malas mo cari hardisk sia tu.. so.. next tym lar sia cari n upload skali.. xD~ mcm mengantuk pla sia.. zzZZzzZZ.. nnt lain tahun sia sambung..~

Monday, September 6, 2010

Luahan nun jauh di Lubuk Hatiku~

frankly speaking, i had such a difficult time this week.. why? maybe its all because of my hormon yg x stabil.. biasalah.. alkisah pompuan.. i dunnoe why perasaan sya minggu ni sgt2 bercelaru n i;m so sensitive this week.. weirdo.. yaa.. mmg sya jenis yg teramat sensitive but i never thought leh smpai jd gni.. mood sya mo marah orang ja.. even my adik2 pun kena tempias mood tak stabil sya ni.. lol.. padan muka lar..

yaa.. i try to control perangai sya yg tidak menentu but, ntah.. APA2 jer lar Korg nak ckp.. this is me.. susah jgk kan kalo ada perasaan cmni.. FYI, sya mmg kuat jeles.. n jeles sya ni mmg x bertempat.. terus terang sya ckp, sya boleh jeles bila sum1 trying tuk berbaiik2 ngan parents sya, berbaik2 ngan adik2 sya, rapat ngan cuzen2 sya, even kawan2 sya.. bila dah cmtu, sya rasa terasing n cm sya x guna uda.. sya x suka org lain dilayan lebih berbanding sya.. [ceh.. dasar tamak!] n thats y ada certain tym sya jeles.. (tp tgk keadaan jgk lar) biasanya, sya malas mo amik kisah.. but bila dah lama pendam n berdiam diri, perasaan tu mcm belon jgk lar.. semakin lama di tiup, akhirnya akan meletup jgk kn.. takda org yg selamanya boleh bersabar.. melainkan kalo pokok kayu besi.. dorg mn ada perasaan..

ee.. sya paling TIA SUKA lar CARI PASAL ngan orang.. bilang kata mak bapak sia, pndai2 jaga diri, jaga pertuturan.. mmbha.. iya lar.. [even kadang2 sia merambang ja taip di wall sya ngan WORDS yg agak KETERLALUAN].. xD~.. smpai my mum pun comment 'mcm budak2 ja'.. lol.. belum matang lg bha pulak sia ni.. adeihhhh~!

apa lg ah? apa2 ja lar.. terpulang lar pa korg nak ckp, nk comment.., korg akan paham jgk perasaan cemburu GILA ni bila kamu dah mulai sayang org.. =).. skrg sya paham y some of my friends bersikap cmni dulu.. even sya pun penah kena tempias kejelesan org.. RUPANYA BEGINI PULAK RASANYA.. kalo dulu, yaa.. ..mmg sya tak kisah suma tu.. sya xkisah everything.. lantaklah nk bercommunicate ngan sapa pun.. i dont care.. tp bila perasaan sayang itu makin dalam.. naa.. jd lar gila seperti saya dan mereka [kawan2 sya yg lain] yg ckit2 mo jeles.. ckit2 mo jeles.. arghhh!! i dun like this feeling.. i dont like this negative feeling yg melampau2! tulah dulu tau ckp org, dlu tau mengomen org jeles x tentu pasal.. last2 terkena batang hidung sendiri prasaan ni.. PADAN MUKA KO LAR AZWANI!!! KARMA!

terus terang sya ckp, perasaan jealousy ni sangat annoying.. yupp.. msa sya tgk kwn2 sya yg terlalu overboard jealousy dorg; sia benci betul nmpak.. n sya rasa suma tu mengada2.. ckit2 mo jeles.. ckit2 mo jeles.. ngan kwn sendiri pun mo jeles.. ngan cuzen sendiri pun mo jeles.. dgn org pun mo jeles.. ngan adik sendiri pun mo jeles.. suma org akan rasa rimas ngan perasaan ni.. baik yg merasainya, mahupun terkena tempiasnya.. i really hope that ia akan hilang.. tp tak boleh.. once u give all ur heart to a person, smpai bila2 it will stay.. [malas mo atur ayat] apa2 pun, sya sgt berterima kasih kepada semua yg terlibat kerana memberi sya pengalaman ngan perasaan baru ini.. SERIYES sya ckp ni.. BUKAN bermaksud MENYINDIR.. cuz lau bkn skrg, BILA LAGI.. =).. n lepas feel perasaan ni, sya rasa amat bertenaga n sangat GEMBIRA.. TIDAK.. sya TIDAK GILA.. tp mmg ini KEBENARANNYA..

SYA AMAT BERSYUKUR KERANA TUHAN MEMBERIKAN UJIAN yang boleh dikira THOUGH lar jgk TUK SYA MERASAINYA.. hidup bagaikan roda.. kadang2 kita di atas, kadang2 kita di bawah.. Akhir skali, SYA INGIN MEMOHOM MAAF sekiranya perasaan sya ni ada membuat org TERASA n TERSINGGUNG.. MINTA MAAF SANGAT2.. i hope it all ENDED TODAY! -tamat-

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