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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Enjoy this game.. =)

I was browsing for interesting games n i found this flash game on a gaming website called Reflexive.com. Try this:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being Silent

After being silent about 5 months.., Now, it's about tym 4 me to update my blog.. rite?
haihzz.. a lot of things happen n i dunnoe how 2 explain it.. tErlalu byk dan terlalu complicated..
It's juz a beginning of my life lar i guess..

My day today wasnt so gud.. exam in da morning juz now was terribly EASY [4 those who study hard].. N 4 myself, sorry.. i really dun have da mood 2 study last night.. N i'm NOT WORRY at ALL.. CRAZY!!

Last nite, i supposed to study from early in da morning [after i woke up] til mid nite.. but.. u noe what? I'M JUZ A LITTLE GIRL CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.. =P..
I woke up, went to my desk n turned on d laptop n started to surfing FB! OMG! I think i'm addicted 2 FB already.. n i began to forget bout FS, MS, n so on.. lol..

Noon, i eat n eat n continued eating at room.. We did talk about d exams n spots but...hahaha.. neither one of us want to start study yet.. We watched SUPERNATURAL n forget bout d exams.. then suddendly, [tiba2.. jeng3x..], me felt sooooo SLEEPY.. So i went back to my room n started sleeping~!! zzzZZZzzZZZ...

[mcm karangan lar pulak]

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