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Thursday, August 28, 2008

CaPRiuS™: Introduction...

Hye every1.. welcome to my blog.. I luv bloging cuz i can say anything that i lyk..
Let's talk about me.. Hmm.. Where should i start?? I Luv 2 laugh.. yEs!! I will laugh as loud as i can when i wanted to.. cuz it's painful 2 tahan2 da laugh.. LoL.. Happy Go Lucky lar kunun.. Dlm happy2 tu, i'm s0 SenSiTiVe n Sentimental.. easily cry (not cry lyk a baby, but my tears are easily fall down when i watch sumkind of sad movie/drama.. even novels can make me cry.. (OMG!) KinD, handful Not Really.. It depends on my mood n da person who needed my help.. CuTe, ChArMinG?? i dun think so..HeLPfUL A lil bit of confidence.. Definately a DaNgeRouS & AggReSsiVe Girl, so beware n watch out 4 ur words n ur behavior when u talking to me or in front of me! Kinda iNtUitIvE.. Really!! I Believe in My Instinct cuz 89% of it came true~!! very iMagInAtIvE, i always think beyond my little mind n sumtyms it make me suffer to0 much.. LoL..
tO Tell u da Truth, I'm a MaTeRialistiC Gurl n i Love Ka-ching3x $$$.. I'm happy when my pocket n bank account is full n loaded with money.. I luv business thing n i wish i cud open a business n be RICHHHH, lUxuri0u$$$ n Wealty~!! I wanna build a bungalow on top of da green hills n in front of da blue ocean n live there with da 1 i luv.. Then i want 2 build a house for my beloved MuMmy N Daddy.. Cant wait to see my dreams come true.. Totally CRazY cuz i sumtyms talk 2 myself n laugh alone.. What would u do if u saw sum1 lyk this in front of u? run away?? SLAP da gurl? or juz do nothing? LoL.. Hell yeah~!! I'm JeAloUsy + oVeRBoarD.. I cant see people got brand new stuff such as laptop, handphone, CDs, computer Software & application, dvd player, cars, tvs, mp3 players, ipod, shoes, bags, blablabla.. I also easily get jealous when sum1 disturb people who i lyk n luv.. haha~!! mostLY when people try 2 disturb my LUV lar.. if u dun want 2 get in trouble, better get urself away from my LUV!!
Curious bout everything around me.. I always wanted 2 know what, how, when, which, where, why certain things (it) happens.. a very2 Caring n uNdErStaNDinG person.. always wanted every1 in good condition.. LoL.. Appreciative & Awesome.. aLthough i didnt tell u 'thx', doesnt mean that i 4get n wont remember what u did 2 me.. :).. a word can be so meaningful 2 me.. I'm not s0 ActiVE in sports n i'm so lazy bug t0 get down n having exercise.. tHats y day by day i'm getting chubby.. sUmtyms I can b Patient, N sumtyms i Dun.. which means, i'm s0 uNPredictaBlE .. DaMn.. It's true that i can be Romantic & Ravishing at da right tym eventhough in fact u noe i'm so Brutal.. HaHa~~ Sot2 + StraNgE, is my truly natural behavior.. SpeCiaL? I guess it in ur hand 2 judge me.. Kind of Intelligent, cuz i learnt from my experience.. I'm so sure that i'm an Irreplaceable gurl n u will neva find another exactly da same as me!!

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