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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a Journey to Somewhere I've Never Been

Hye! Its been a while... no update.. kinda busy with my preparation.
prepare for what?? Interim.. Yes. I am going to work at Sarawak.

So this is my diary as a newbie teacher. lol

13 March 2013 (Wednesday)

-flight to Miri at 6.45am.
-arrived at Miri at 7.30am.
-waited for the taxi to Marudi up till 10.30 am. (wasting time ok!)
-arrived at Marudi at 12.30 pm.
-check in at Mayland
-went to eat
-report my duty at 2pm
-fill in all the forms given
-meet my work-mate/ housemate/ roommate Azie
-watch tv n sleep

Miri - Marudi

Miri Marudi 1st Jeti

Sungai yang perlu dilalui.


14 March 2013 (Thursday)

-off to SMK Telang Usan at 7.50am
-Taklimat from ppd 8.30am
-off back to Mayland at 12 (something)
-conversation with teacher from Sk long wat
-staying at my mom's room and eat.

SMK Telang Usan School Hall

Taklimat from PPD

15 March 2013 (Friday)

-having our breakfast at 8am
-off to Long Lama at 10am
-arrived at Long Lama at 2pm
-off to SK Long Wat at 3pm
-arrived at SK Long Wat at 5pm.
-tidy up the room and unpacking the bags. :D
-11pm sleep. Good Night.

hah. ni bot ekspres g Long Lama

Boat to Kuala Baram

My Dad n His Daughter. :D

Terminal Boat Express Marudi


Beware of Crocodiles!



My lovely MP4 :3

Long Lama

Long Lama Station.

The Driver Focus on Driving

The Scenery.

Orite. Itu sahaja. Next time I'll update more okay~

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