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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Enjoy this game.. =)

I was browsing for interesting games n i found this flash game on a gaming website called Reflexive.com. Try this:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being Silent

After being silent about 5 months.., Now, it's about tym 4 me to update my blog.. rite?
haihzz.. a lot of things happen n i dunnoe how 2 explain it.. tErlalu byk dan terlalu complicated..
It's juz a beginning of my life lar i guess..

My day today wasnt so gud.. exam in da morning juz now was terribly EASY [4 those who study hard].. N 4 myself, sorry.. i really dun have da mood 2 study last night.. N i'm NOT WORRY at ALL.. CRAZY!!

Last nite, i supposed to study from early in da morning [after i woke up] til mid nite.. but.. u noe what? I'M JUZ A LITTLE GIRL CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.. =P..
I woke up, went to my desk n turned on d laptop n started to surfing FB! OMG! I think i'm addicted 2 FB already.. n i began to forget bout FS, MS, n so on.. lol..

Noon, i eat n eat n continued eating at room.. We did talk about d exams n spots but...hahaha.. neither one of us want to start study yet.. We watched SUPERNATURAL n forget bout d exams.. then suddendly, [tiba2.. jeng3x..], me felt sooooo SLEEPY.. So i went back to my room n started sleeping~!! zzzZZZzzZZZ...

[mcm karangan lar pulak]

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru~

Buat my cuzen a.k.a our abg ehsan,
selamat pengantin baru n semoga bahagia ke anak
cucu cicit piut miut.. (^^,)

Majlis Persandingan kat Rumah Pengantin Perempuan,
Kg. Pimping, Membakut.

Kat umah pihak lelaki.. haha.. petang ne.. lepas abih majlis.

Dgn Pengantin Perempuan, ahli baru dlm kuarga.. ^^,

Cuzens 4eva~ ^^.
Nahh.. the rest..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holiday at Nexus Resort Karambunai

I got a phone call from my mum at 4pm (sumthin lyk that lar)..
"Be prepared.. When i come, we terus jalan.. suruh yg len sedia"..
Me got weird 4 a sec.. go where oo??
nvmd, then i sedia2 my barang2..
then my mum smpai..

"where r we goin mum?"..
"Woaahhhh~! Great!!"
Lama da sya mengidam mo stay sana..
it's been a long tym since 2003

[this is where we stayed]

reach there on 7pm..
smpai2 trus baring..

then turned on my laptop..
connecting via Celcom Broadband..
n chat wif my friends..

i heard sumthin outsite da window,
i walked n opened da door,
OMG! I saw da blue ocean!!
[mlm x brapa nmPak lar]..

then i heard da sound of -ombak-
[dunnoe what in english.wakaka]
wahh!! very2 cantik oo da view i tell u..

[mlm tia brapa nmpak lar.. my cam w910i so lame]

[da view from our room]

then da next day,
breakfast at Penyu Restaurant..

[Yum3x.. tasty fried noddles..n da soya bean, n apple juice]

[ni trip2 amik ckit2.. hahaha!]

after breakfast, mandi kolam.. wee~~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm Gone - Jay Sean

I don't want to have to see you happy.
I can't even bare to see you smile.
Now-a-days I can't look in your eyes &...
Well I can but it takes a while
¯If you're strong?
Told a lot of white lies to hide it all.
But they're beginning to break me down,
Though I promise it's over now.

I'm gone.
I don't blame you at all.
'Cause after all the things that you did for me
Got beaten by temptation
I'm gone.
Girl you're better off alone.
I don't want you to see, the truth in me.

Try my best to keep it all together.
Tryna take it back to where we were.
Never been to good at keeping secrets,
Give you reasons but for what it's worth
Lemme go.
What the hell would make you look at me the same?
Used to say "We're unbrakeable."
But I just went & changed it all.

If I told you?
Could you live with that?
If I told you?
Could you live with that?
If I told you,
I couldn't live with that! I couldn't live with that!
I'd rather give you no excuses at all.

I'm gone.
I don't blame you at all.
'Cause after all the things that you did for me
Got beaten by temptation
I'm gone.
Girl you're better off alone.
I don't want you to see, the truth in me.

You gave everything & honestly it's every fault of mine.
To beg you for forgiveness just seems wrong.
See, leaving you is one thing
But you've got to realize:
Some things are best unspoken
So please don't ask me why!

Oh, you don't want to know
Oh, woah

I'm gone.
I don't blame you at all.
'Cause after all the things that you did for me
Got beaten by temptation
I'm gone.
Girl you're better off alone.
I don't want you to see, the truth in me.

If I told you?
Could you live with that?
If I told you?
Could you live with that?
If I told you,
I couldn't live with that! I couldn't live with that!
If I told you?
Could you live with that?
If I told you?
Could you live with that?
If I told you,
I couldn't live with that! I couldn't live with that!

Oh, ooooh
No no
No no
Oooh, woaah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh oh.
Oh woah, oh woooah.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apa Kah Ini?

1) 3 name in your inbox cellphone
- eyca
- Nurazimah
- Amanda

2) Your main ringtone
- Juz DancE

3) What u did at 12 last night?
- sTudyin (argh! tpaksa!)

4) Who was the last person you went out with? Where?
- SaiNyxX89

5) The color of the t-shirt you're wearing?
- Black

6) The last thing u did?
- buat miLo tuk SainyxX89

7) 3 of your everyday favorite items
- colourful highlighter
- G-soft Blue Ball Pen
- Creative Products (paper)

8) the color of your bedroom
- cReAmYyy..

9) How much money in your wallet now?
- RM 8 for 3 days + 2 nights ??!!!

10) How's life?
- Go On~ looking 4 sumthin NEW~

11) Your favorite song
- Yg korg dgr skrg ni d blog sya..

12) What will you do next weekend?

13) When was the last time you saw your mom?
- baru ja sunday lepas..

14) Where is she now?
- at home.. watching TV or reading newspaper i guess..

15) When was the last time you talked to your parents?
- da day she sent me 2 da bus station.. hee...

16) Who is the last person that texted you?
- MaXiS offErS.. bikin panaz! sya buang ni simcard ni kang..

17) Where did you have dinner last night?
- Malye Cafe

18) The last surprise you got?
- lupa.. khakhakah

19) Last thing you borrowed from your friend?
- dun remember.. khakhakha

20) Who is your BF/GF or Husband/wife?
- Tia Tau.. dun ask me lar.. malar... exam ni.. mau concentrate.. kunukk

21) What do you feel now?
- i feel gud wif my life skrg ni.. ;]

22) Wanna share with who?
- sendiri2... hakhakhakha.. everyone lar.. kunun.

23) Who knows your secret?
- Me MySelf N i..

24) They keep your secret?
- yaaA~!

25) Are you angry with someone?
- I think So..

26) What do you order at McD?
- jArAng p McD..

27) The last time you felt so sad?
- oo.. i 4got.. hahaha!

28) Mahu tag?
- c jiaAAA..
- ko...
- kamu...
- awk...
- anda...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Juz now i went 2 karamunsing...

kat ground floor tu ada lar sum promotion/roadshow or so whatever da name is lar.. then sya ngan mum g lar kat kaunter tu.. tgk2 dr blkg.. then tetiba ada 1 promoter ni.. dia promote2 lar.. then gtau yg that telecomunication punya 3G service better than 'X' pnya service... mula2 i asked lar sma ada d K ada tak line 3G tuk connection durang.. dia ckp takda.. then ckp sna ada 2G ja..

if like that better lg 'X' broadband..

sya ckp lar kat K [sum place on sabah] ada gak line 3G tuk 'X'.. dia ckp kunun 'X' takda 3G d K.. then sya ckp ada lar!! sya ari2 guna 3g pun d sna.. dia melawan konon teda.. punya sotTT~!!!! padahal hari2 pun sya guna broadband X d K n laju siott jer pun.. juz takda HSDPA jak..

then tetiba lg dia bilang HSDPA takda konon tuk X d KK [My house] padahal slalu sya connect gna laptop d umah ada jak pun simbol HSDPA [even poor signal lar at my house cuz jauh sket dr city].. yg sya tia puas hati ni, dia dgn bongkaknya ckp 'emak ko bagi ko pakai buat apa?? kenapa ko tidak tgk2?".. kindett punya manusia.. ****!!!
SABAR ja lar.. i hate it when people tetiba jak tinggikan suara kat sya.. yg sya tak kenal lg tu.. SIEN kar...

lg sandi, tym tu dpn public bha, then my mum ada d sna pun dia berani buat cmtu.. taktau lar kali dia mmg cmtu tp...... igt2 lar sket.. customer bha ni mau beli product korg, so, better watch ur attitute n behaviour.. jangan sembarangan jak p tinggikan suara kat orang.. kalo yaa pun, gna lar cara yg lebih effective n ramah mesra so that org tertarik tuk beli product tu dr korg... ni tidak.. wat org menyampah n sakit ati jer.. last2 i juz say "ahh.. tgk2 lu lar..".

then i blah dr tmpat tu.. haihzZZ... hilang mood mo beli..

P/S: pengajarannya, lau mo buat promosi, jan lar tinggikan sora kat customer lau mo buat lawak pun.. kalo mmg lawak takpa lar, ni tidak.. cm nk marah org pun ada.. sakit giler telinga sya.. panazz panazZ.. eiii.. alamatnya tak terbeli lar jawabnya.. takpa.. nnt cari promoter yg GENTLEMAN sket.. kahakhakhakhakhah~!! :P

Luahan Hati Yang Kesepian.. LoL..

Teruskanlah - Agnes Monica

Pernahkah kau bicara
Tapi tak di dengar
Tak di anggap
Sama sekali..

Pernahkan kau tak salah
Tapi disalahkan
Tak di beri

Reff :
Kuhidup dengan siapa
Ku tak tau kau siapa
Kau kekasihku tapi
Orang lain bagiku

Kau dengan dirimu saja
Kau dengan duniamu saja
Teruskan lah.. Teruskan lah
Kau begitu

Kau tak butuh diriku
Aku patung bagimu
Cinta buta
Kebutuhan mu

Back to reff.

Hoo.. Hooo
Kau dengan dirimu saja
Kau dengan duniamu saja
Teruskan lah.. Teruskan lah
Kau.. kau begitu

Teruskan lah... teruskan lah..

Friday, May 15, 2009

~Tell Me~

Tell Me - CaPRiuS™

da rain is falling,
from da dark nite sky,
so cold outside,
so cold inside..

can U hear the rhytme of da rain..?
sounds so strong,
but then sounds so weak..

they saw we've been so cold,
they keep wondering what's goin on,
after all that we've been through,
do U really wanna moved on?

tell me,
cuz i dun even noe,
what i did,
what u did,
what we did,
what they did...
cuz all that i can see,
things turned badly,
everyday, as time passed by..

I've noticed..,
the ignorance of each existence,
secret identities n disguises,
n the dramas that we made,
juz cease it all as they can see it..

tryin' da best not to assosiate,
keep on caring of own ego n reputation,
running away n being solitude,
worsen this inconvenience situation..

... I ought to have guessed that this is juz a nightmare ...

created by,
CaPRiuS™ Gurl

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jan Tension2..

I got this Email from my friend.. BMW (^_^)v~


Sunday, May 3, 2009

My List of Comics.. (^_^)

143 Cake House - Fakhrul Anour
Remember - Benjamin
Aliya Elyana - Nazri M. Annuar
Le Gardenie - Ben
Le Gardenie [Foolish Fruits] - Ben
Le Gardenie [Party of Three] - Ben
Le Gardenie [Final Four] - Ben
The Fishes - Ben
Naive - Ben
Sesuatu Yang Indah - Junko Sasaki
Mini Love - Panu Nateenan
Anti Chocolate - Washio Mue
Aku Tak Nak Kau La! - Sagiyima Miwako
Keajaiban Kurumi - Yagami Chitose
Epilog: Kasih, Hanya Kau.. - Obata Yuuki
Cinta Egois - Obata Yuuki
Biru Violet - Obata Yuuki
Destini Violet - Obata Yuuki
SOS - Hinako Ashihara
Wasilah Kita - Hinako Ashihara
Lovely Baby - Yumachi Shin
Desir-Desir Sakura - Usami Maki
Secangkir Teh Karamel - Usami Maki
Forgotten - Puppeteer
Teman Selamanya - Yamanaka Rico
Cebisan Keajaiban - Akira Shouko
8:00 Pagi, Aku Cinta Kau Lagi - Ozaki Ira

Revolusi - Bunkface

Revolusi - Bunkface
Aku keliru
menjadi buntu
arah yang ingin ku tuju
Rasa resah ku
kian celaru
dengan ilham ku tempuh
Aku cuma mahukan
bayangan resah ku akan hilang
tapi keadaan memaksa
menghadapi semua
Inikah revolusi
atau hanya ilusi
bagaikan mimipi jadi realiti
Rasional diriku
rasional dirimu
penentu masa
masa depan ku
Adakah masa
menjadi punca
diriku dalam dilema
Benarkah anjakkan paradigma
susuli ku terima
Aku cuma mahukan
bayangan resah ku akan hilang
tapi keadaan memaksa
menghadapi semua

Forget About Me - Little Bit

Forget About Me
You said, it wasn't gonna be like it was before.
Then it happened again.
Pushing me back out the door.
Thought it would be for real this time.
Love made me forget about the signs.
So now what do I do?
Now that I know that we're through.

Wish that I could move on
Can't let go, it's too strong
Just like that and then you're gone
Is this how you wanted it to be?
Everything you had to say
Sent the tears right down my face
Now I'm trying to escape
The misery.

Why don't you love me?
The way I loved you
It felt so crazy
'Coz I don't know what I did to you
If you're gonna hurt me
Then do it quickly
'Coz I'm tired of cryin'
If you don't wanna stick around
Then, baby forget about me.

Too late, sorry.
I didn't even have the chance
You said you were happy
Baby, I don't understand
Gave you everything you asked for
And was ready to give you a lot more
I would've given you the world
Right in the palm of your hand.

Wish that I could move on
Can't let go, it's too strong
Just like that and then you're gone
Was this how you wanted it to be?
Everything you had to say
Sent the tears right down my face
Now I'm trying to escape
The misery.

Why don't you love me?
The way I loved you
It felt so crazy
'Coz I don't know what I did to you
If you're gonna hurt me
Then do it quickly
'Coz I'm tired of cryin'
If you don't wanna stick around
Then, baby forget about me.

Boy, my heart was true
And that you can't deny
Don't be a fool
And walk away from all the lies
It's up to you
'Coz heaven knows I've tried
Tell me you're still in love.

Why don't you love me?
The way I loved you
It feels so crazy
'Coz I don't know what I did to you
If you're gonna hurt me
Then do it quickly
'Coz I'm tired of cryin'
If you don't wanna stick around
Then, baby forget about me.

Forget about me

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daughtry - Over You

"Over You"
Now that it's all said and done,
I can't believe you were the one
To build me up and tear me down,
Like an old abandoned house.
What you said when you left
Just left me cold and out of breath.
I fell too far, was in way too deep.
Guess I let you get the best of me.
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.
You took a hammer to these walls,
Dragged the memories down the hall,
Packed your bags and walked away.
There was nothing I could say.
And when you slammed the front door shut,
A lot of others opened up,
So did my eyes so I could see
That you never were the best for me.
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should've started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure.
I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better.
And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
Well I'm putting my heart back together,
'Cause I got over you.Well I got over you.
I got over you.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
I got over you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Penawar Sepi Hidupku

Edited by,

Farah Diana

........Suka sya tinguk ni gmbar.. lawa lar.. simple but sangat menarik.. :0.. nk tau sebab pe?? sebab muka sya terpampang d depan ni wehh.. akhakhakah~ jan jeles... *wlpun muka sya kat gmbar tu bangas basi, tp sya amat gumbira cuz dpt kuar makan reramai ngan classmates yg tercinta.. cewahh..*
........cerita tu cmni, sya tgh melekatkan tu carta2 pemulihan kat dinding, then tetiba kak.erlie ckp 'kta p kfc petang ni'.. wah~ excited yg teramat sangat!! cuz jarang kami kuar reramai.. so kami pun kuar lar.. yer lar.. bukan selalu pun... lebih2 lg kami baru jer dpt elaun buku yg bernilai RM xxx.00.. sementara tunggu bas tiba tuk pegi pekan keningau, kami sempat lar buat photoshoot kjap kat kawasan asrama puteri kami ni.. huhu~ berikut merupakan gmbar2 yg telah ditangkap [ayat skema]:
trip2 model nda m'jd.. hukhukhuk.. 'cute' gak lar.. [puji diri] kwang3x..

wah.. sgt menakutkanzz.. but i lyk da colour..


Ni gambar tym dlm bas.. smpat lg bergmbar2 bha.. padahal, perut da berbunyi da minta di isi.. huhuhuhu.. kasihan betul.. msh igt lg.., tym nak kuar dr pagar, tetiba tu guard suh tinggalkan kad matriks.. menyusahkan betul lar.. lau kad matriks org hilang or tinggal kat umah cmna? takkan tak leh kuar??

tym tu dah lar panaz giler.. lau boleh nak belah cmtu jer.. tp sib bek kami ni dengar ckp.. [bukan gitu my classmates??].. so, kami pun berusan lar ngan pihak security tu.. sya plak turun kejap jer.. then nek balik bas.. mak aihhh~~ panas siot wa ckp lu.. huhuhu..

berpeluh2 da, tp tetap nak g KFC n mkn reramai.. tp semasa perjalanan g pekan keningau tu, meriah sgt bas tu.. gelak ketawa dr rakan2 kelas n siap bergmbar2 lg.. cm d sebelah ni lar.. tak penah putus2 photoshoot.. kekeke :)..

.......... Nah.. Ni da last pix yg sya ada.. nnt lau dpt pix lain dr mereka2 yg ada, sya upload n 'refresh' balik entri ni yerr.. :).. Last words from me, best giler tym ni.. lbh2 lg kna tyming ngan b'day c linda.. happy b'day!! dpt gak kami merasa white chocolate cake ko tu.. hhehee (^_^)..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Berita Terkini Dari Ms.G

Miss.G's Report

Satu kejadian runtuhan d laporkan berlaku di bilik bernumbur..errr..aku susah mau igt numbur bilik durg nih, jap tanya dayah:

jia : dayah brapa bumbur bilik durg wani tu ?
dayah : D 221.
jia : D221 ?
dayah : ya, bilik wani ka atau bilik yg ujung sana ?
jia : bilik A'p.
dayah : emmm..

[penerangan perbualan, wani ada 1 bilik rahsia yg dimilikinya bersama dewi dgn kadar sewa bulanan RM60, yg sudahpun di tulak dr elaun mereka:) dan kini bilik itu di sewa dgn kadar free kpd mereka2 yg ingin menyewanya. stakat nih ada 2 penyewa :) ]

i repeat, satu kejadian runtuhan tlh occur d sana D 221 pada kira2 pukul 1 tghari td. hal ini disahkan sndiri oleh si penyebab runtuhan (that is me :b ) yg berasa begitu teruja dgn kejadian tersebut :)))) ]

menurut beliau (me again), kejadian adalah tdk d sengajakan dan tlh d jangka akn berlaku sblm ini lg disebabkan keadaan lahiriah katil itu yg sudah sediakala buruk! (dhoif giler,
khoklolah kena betul :) ) beliau (hehe, me..me..:b) yg mengalami keceraan yg tidak parah pada mulanya tlh menjadi parah siiiikit apabila c pemilik katil menyepitkan jari beliau ke pintu dgn tu katil baru yg baru dan sdg di angkat mesuk ke bilik 221 (punya sakit, nasib baik aku kasi runtuh katil kau wani, klau nda aku sipittt kau balik.. )

beliau menambah lg, sehingga kini kesakitan itu masih terasa, sama seperti bisanya putus chenta atau kena reject..wakakakaka.oh, sopan ckt :b ehemm...walaubagaimanapun, di sebalik kejadian yg penuh misteria dan mencemaskan tadi, terselit satu hikmah yg hanya jia dan wani nampak (ouu..lupa c kenal, miss wani ialah pemilik katil yg diruntuhkan itu :) highlight itu yee.. ) antara hikmahnya ialah :

1. jia kini bebas melumpat2 d atas katil yg baru di ganti berkenaan tanpa perlu memikirkan
risiko keruntuhan atau risiko utk mengejass katil yg rusak. [ ooiiii, kau mana penah pikir risiko tu dulu pun masa tu aktil sy buruk2 dulu!!kau lumpat22 saja! (ayat wani):)

2. wani tdk perlu lg mengejas ejas katilnya terutamanya slps kunjungan c jia ke biliknya :)jika sebelum ini beliau perlu memberi amaran seperti ini "ui!! jan ko guyang2 sana!!, kini tidak lagi dgn kehadiran katil barunya yg rasa rasanya..errr...agak teguh :)

3. jia tdk perlu lg board ke atas katil wani dgn rasa sangsi (tu katil kn buruk, sia d nasihatkan utk naik dgn penuh supan, kdg2 kena naik dr arah A'p lgk :( sadis butul). kini beliau bebas utk melakukan apa sahaja, seperti aksi terbang 100 meter sblm mendarat d atas katil wani yg baruuuuu :).

4. Ap tdk perlu lg menggeleng2 melihat wani dan jia bekerjasama mengejas ejas lg mengetuk ngetuk tu katil lama dulu. dayah pun kini boleh berkunjung ke bilik dan mendapatkan tmpt duduk yg selesa berbeza dgn keadaan sebelum ini di mana beliau perlu duduk d lantai atau sama seperti saya yg terpaksa menahan nafas utk mengurangkan beban yg perlu ditanggung oleh c katil yg sudah runtuh itu :)

berita d sambung, kini si peruntuh katil merasakan tulang rangkanya sakit akibat hentakan
yg..err..agak2 kuat td..

"tu belum kira lagi blkg kepala aku yg tehentak tuh " beliau menambah.

kesakitan kini dirasakn di seluruh badan kini. berkemungkinan si pemilik katil perlu membayar insurans kepada si peruntuh katil ini. sebagai penutup, disampaikan berita happy ending d mana si peruntuh bersama si pemilik katil sleep dgn lenanya d atas katil yg baru itu dan seterusnya membantutkan rancangan c jia utk outing pada ptg itu. (penat angkat katil baru punya sbb ba ni...). sekian berita dari bernamajia :)

OUUU..dis entri got ni picture, due to the ke...errr...tu tdk tergamak mau amil gambar kenangan. huh, syg oh kn..klau nda dpt kamu tinguk aksi wani bt kali terakhir mengetuk ngetuk (ejas2) tu katil buruk kesayangannya dgn harapan agar katil itu dpt dipulihkan kembali :). sygnya, kini hanya tggl kenangan. dan kenangan itu ku coretkan dlm blog ini dgn entri yg agk2 mcm fairytale (kah.??) hahahahaha.watak-watak dlm cerita ini tiada kaitan dgn antara yg sudah tiada krn mrk msh idup slps kejadian itu :) dan lagi, mrk tdk trauma dgn kejadian tersebut kerana pada tahun lepas pun wani sudah mengalami kejadian yg sama :) . dialah pemilik katil runtuh bersiri. sekian.

As Reported by,
Miss.G [click to visit Ms.G's blog here]

Miss Caprius' Reviews,

........Kejadian yang amat memalukan.. jikalau diimbas kembali, penulis teringat pula semasa kejadian pada tahun 2008.. perkara yang sama terjadi.. [kira sejarah berulang lar ne]..
seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Miss.G dalam entrinya itu, tidak dinafikan bahawa katil yang dimiliki oleh rakan Miss.G [sya lar ni], mmg dlm keadaan yang amat daif sekali [jangan menghina katil aku yg dah 4 bulan sya pakai bha!] tapi kalau dilihat dari segi 'design' katil tu, penulis lebih berminat pada katil tersebut..

.........Situasi berlaku apabila Miss.G ingin berangkat ke biliknya untuk mengambil hpnya..seperti biasa, tanpa mengendahkan nasihat Ms. C, Miss.G telah melakukan aksi yang amat merbahaya [jangan lakukan di rumah tau..].. tak tahulah bagaimana ia berlaku [sepantas kilat], tiba-tiba penulis terdengar bunyi 'bedebukkkk!!!'.. Apabila ditoleh ke tempat kejadian, keadaan Miss.G teramat kritikal [sandi!.. wuwuwuuw].. lalu penulis pun membantu menyelamatkannya..

"nasib baik terkena tulang lembut siaa..." kata Miss. G..

"selama idup sya 4 bulan dgn katil ni, tak penah sya cmni" dgn bangganya Ms. C menyatakan kebenarannya..

.........Tak diduga keadaan sebegini berlaku.. jadi, Miss. G n Ms. C menukar katil dari bilik D225[seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Miss.G].. Amat parah mengangkut katil tersebut.. tetapi dengan semangat mereka, akhirnya Ms. C hidup dengan katil yang baru.. Tak perlulah lagi beliau nasihat menasihati rakan-rakannya yang ingin melabuhkan punggung atas katil beliau..

Reported by,
Ms. CaPRiuS™

Monday, April 27, 2009

Keningau oh Keningau..

Pada hari ntah yg lalu, kami kuar g outting.. saja2 lepaskn tension.. byk tmpt kmi pegi termasuklah tmpt wajib kami 7-Eleven.. Sya suka g tmpat ni.. i dunnoe y.. memandangkan takda tmpat2 cm watsons n guardians, so 7-eleven lar menjadi destinasi sya [kami lar].. pa sya buat kalo g sana? of cuz mencari komik2 sebagai koleksi [wah! peminat komik n novel ni.. suka kumpul2..] selain tu, g sna tuk beli minuman kegemaran, [memandangkan takda YoYo Cafe cni], iaitu SluRPee.. [I aM a SlurPee-HoLic!!].. siap kumpul ag kad2 tu [baru kumpul 1 kad.. lau tau ada kad ni, awal2 ag sya minta.. eiii.. lau tak, berlambak da kad tu.. wuwuwuwu]..
Destinasi kami of cuz lar servay, yin yin, yes girl, cheoun cheong, [ahh! ntah cmna eja benda asing ni], GP, Lot 10, Rakyat!.. nah.. ni dia gmbar2 di amik tym p pasar malam!! [hahahaha! msti korg igt ada gmbar lam servay, n so on kan?? kahkahkahkahakhakah].. lau sya rajin maknanya ada lar tu sya upload.

aisemen.. ni membeli ker tgk org menjual ne?
siap bawak minuman SluRpEE ag bg tgk2 kat org..

wahh.. sungguh menawan buah jambu ne.. memikat
hatiku yg mmg meminati tone2 warna sebegitu..
[mak aihhh~ kuar ag ayat skema]

*jap nnt update balik*

Tak Bisa Memiliki

Tak Bisa Memiliki - Samsons

Apakah yang engkau cari
Tak kau temukan di hatiku
Apakah yang engkau inginkan
Tak dapat lagi ku penuhi
Begitulah aku
Pahamilah aku

Mungkin aku tidaklah sempurna
Tetapi hatiku memilikimu sepanjang umurku
Mungkin aku tak bisa memiliki
Dirimu seumur hidupku

Back to [*][**]
Back to [**]
Dirimu seumur hidupku 3x

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kau Buatkanku Terjaga Dari Mimpi-Mimpiku...

*mengcopy-paste suma enrty dr live.spaces.. lol*

tym2 tekanan smlm, perut kosong, migrain *malar balik2 cerita pasal migrain*.. sya tolan jak tu panadol.. kuang3.. trus mengantuk.. sya tdo lar jam 11pm cmtu.. syok2 sya tdo, tetiba hp sya berguyang-guyang [vibrate lar].. number tu sya tak nmpak ngan jelas, gpun takda nama, [mamai2 masih kan?] sya jawab jak.. trus ada 1 sora yg da lama sya tak dgr.. tp cm tak caya lar pla.. s0, sya balik2 tnya 'sapa ne?'.. nda pndai menjawab.. sabar jak lar.. huuhuhuh..

last2 dia gtau dia sapa.. baru puas ati sya.. wawawawa.. hmm.. i guess dia cm tau2 ja sya tgh tekanan n stress ni.. kadang2 tu, dia slalu ada bila sya stress tahap mau mati.. hmm.. mayb dia pun tgh tekanan kot.. cuz takkan tiba2 dia call??? tak byk yg kami bualkan.. kesepian melanda.. tak tahu cmna nak luahkan masalah masing2.. OMG! dia dgr sya nangis maa.. so memalukan.. hmm.. da lar.. tu jak yg sya mampu taip..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Admit, I Did it Again..

:).. *i dunnoe samada ni senyum paksa atau senyum sedih*..

dalam 4 bulan pertama 2009 ni,
kalo korg perasan lar..,
sedikit or mayb byk perubahan pada sikap n perangai sya..
behaviour sya agak keterlaluan tahap melampau..
i try 2 control myself but sumtimes benda lain lak jadi..
i try 2 b nice but sumthin halang sya..
i try 2 b the way they want me to be but i cant..
i try 2 b lyk b4 but i'm lost..

kebelakangan ni kalo korg sedar, sya slalu moody.., kadang2 melenting
tak tentu pasal, ckp merapu.. sumanya berlaku dengan pantas n otak sya
tak mampu bertindak tuk proses pa yg sedang sya buat n ni lar sebabnya
mengapa orang2 sekeliling mungkin bengang sket ngan sikap sya yang
mungkin bagi mereka mengada-ngada n too over..

Moody sya ni datang secara tiba2 tanpa ada angin atau warning.. sya tak
tau lar cmna nk kawal benda ni.. kalo sya moody, sya lebih suka berdiam
diri, n asingkan diri.. kadang2 tu marah tak tentu pasal.. sya memang jenis
yang sensitive.. so bila tym moody + sensitive, ni lg lar buat sya panaz tahap
melampau.. sumtimes tu, sya tak suka bila org suruh2 sya time sya moody..
sya tak suka org men2 tym sya serious tu.. ohh goshhh!! dunnoe lar..

i guesss sya da buat kengkawan sya marah ngan sya.. sorry lar aa.. especially kat dayah lar.. cuz sya slalu marah2 dia.. to ap, my roomate, sorry gak cuz kadang2 terlalu ikutkan hati, n berdiam diri secara tiba2.. buat jia pla.., sya tau ko tengah bad mood ni kan skrg?? sorry gak if sya ada buat sumthin kat ko.. i think i know apa benda tu.. apa2 pun.. gud luck exam tuk ari ISNIN ni k.. chiayo3x...

Juz now.. 10 minutes yg lalu migrain sya bertambah buruk.. dah lar lapar.. sabar jak lar.. Cafe tgh buat doa selamat td tym nak beli makanan, dorg tak menjual lak.. nak tunggu abih, tak larat lak.. ingatkan lepas naik nak turun balik.. but takut lak nnt ada orang chop kami ni 'turun cuz nak makan jer'.. OMG! mmg kelaparan tahap gila da.. tp pa leh buat kan.. alamatnya ikat perut lae lar ni.. trus takda mood nak mkn.. tym nk balik tu, terasa seram sejuk badan sya.. i dunnoe y lar.. cm ada sumthin angin yg amat pelik rasanya.. hampir nak pengsan but tahan tahan.. yeah.. i'm strong..

Sampai ja bilik.. sunyi sepi ni bilik.. migrain sya terover da ni.. sya cuba tuk tidak mkn panadol.. after 20 minutes cmtu, sya bertambah tekanan.. arghhh~ kepala sya ni cm mau kena cabut jak! sakit..! sangat tekanan sya d cni.. sya tekanan, n buat org pun ikut tekanan cm sya.. i'm so sorry.. otak sya ada masalah ni skrg.. tak tau bila lar mau ok balik ni... my brain ada masalah translating information n sending information.. sot maa.. tak tahan sakit kepala, tak tahan tekanan, tetiba, sya menangis tym edit layout ni blog.. air mata kuar.. arghh.. dis is so unbelievable.. penyakit lama sya datang balik.. paling last sya migrain tahap melampau (smpai nangis ni tym form 5 2006).. mati lar sya kalo gni ari2 migrain.....

Today Tomorrow Future

1) What is today's date?
25th April 2009

2) What was the first thing that happened?
MUET examinations at 8am

3) Who was the first person you talked to?
My roomate - Ap..

4) What was the best thing that happened so far?
Nothin.... :'(

5) What was the best thing you've eaten?

6) Whats the worst thing you've eaten?
Maggie.... not again~!!

7) Who were you with?
My roomate lar..

8) Where did you go?
I'm not goin anywhere..

9) What did you wear?
Tee Shirt..

10) What did you buy?
Milo Ping and a bun..

11) What was the best song you heard?
SCARS - rock abis.. kalo ada concert n orang nyanyi lagu ni kan bagus..
sya yang nyanyi kar,... wuuwuwu..

12) What's the funniest thing that happened?
I didnt remember..?

1) Whats tomorrow's date?
Takda date2 ni..

2) Got any plans?
Study 4 TITAS..

3) Is there anything you HAVE to do?

4) Who are you going to be with?
my friends or maybe alone..

5) What would you like to get accomplished?
my brainnn... lol..

6) Who are you definatly going to talk to?
arghhh~!! takda mood lar!

7) Do you have to go to school/work?
yaa.. kuliah..

1) Who do you want to marry?
sum1 who i luv who luv me n will do anythin 4 me..

2) When do you want to get married?
arghh!! masih terlalu awal tuk memikirkannya

3) How do you want to get married?
dengan restu kedua orang tua kami.. khakhakah

4) Where do you want to settle down at?
hmmm.. dunnoe.. beach?? wahh.. so sweet..

5) Whats your dream job?
ckp pun tak guna da.. tp on da way mau jd cikgu..

6) How many kids do you want?
3 pun sukup lar.. khakahkah..

7) What do you want your kid's names to be?
lupa da nama2 yg penah sya cipta..

8) Do you want to have kids early or later on in life?
i dunnoe.. dun ask me lar..

9) What kind of house do you want to live in?

10) What kind of car do you want to drive?

11) How many and what kind of pets do you want to have?
dun wan

12) Where do you want to go to college (If you haven't already)?
....... malas mau jawab..

Tekanan Jiwa Melanda..

tepat jam 4.30pm..
Terjagaku dari lelapku.. Earphone masih tersumbat lam tlinga.. lagu2 masih berputar.. aku cuba tuk lelapkan mata.. dengan harapan aku terus t'tidur.. 30 minit berlalu, aku masih terbaring atas tilam n katil yang agak kurang selesa ni, n masih tak dpt tidur.. what's wrong??! otakku sangat bergeliga memikirkan masalah2 hidupku.. arghh.. andainya aku bisa putarkan waktu.. aku teringin kembali pada zaman kanak-kanakku.. tiada tekanan, tiada masalah, cuma perlu bermain, bermain dan terus bermain... tak kenal erti susah.. tak kenal erti penat.. tak kenal erti 'sakit'... tak kenal erti kecewa..

tetiba.. surah Yassin berkumandang lam telinga.. sayu kedengaran tiap2 ayat suci yang memasuki corong2 telingaku.. masa ni jgk terasa kerdilnya diri ini di sisi-Nya.. tak terhitung tak terkira dosa dan pahala.. masa ni jgk teringat pada mummy kat umah.. rindunya kat keluarga.. 3 minggu tak balik.. baru ja smlm khidma€t pesanan ringkas dihantar pada my mummy n meminta restu darinya tuk jalani MUET pada 25/April/2009.. seperti biasa, mummy bagi nasihat, jangan tinggalkan solat, bykkan berdoa.. lagi sekali aku terkena.. tak terhitung solat yang aku tinggalkan.. begitulah manusia.. bila dilanda masalah n tekanan, baru nak teringatkan-Nya.. berdosanya aku...

Teringat MUET pagi td.. Aku masuk dewan dengan penuh keyakinan.. tapi dalamann?? tak siapa yang tahu.. aku tak tahulah mengapa setiap kali bila dekat exam besar cmni, aku agak moody dan ada saja masalah n tekanan yang melanda.. aku cuba beri perhatian pada kertas2 yang aku ambil.. sebelum menjawab, aku baca doa penenang hati dengan harapan aku dapat jawab semuanya dengan tenang.. yaa.. kertas pertama, iaitu reading, atau juga dalam bahasa melayunya, pemahaman, aku dapat jawab ngan baik.. namun, bila masuk petikan kedua, mula dari soalan ke 7 kalau tak silap, kepala aku terasa berat yang amat sangat..

Semakin aku membaca petikan2 yang ada di kertas itu, kepala aku terasa sakit.. migrain?? i dunnoe.. maybe lar.. cuz my mum pun ada migrain, so tidak hairanlah kalau aku pun ada penyakit ni.. terus terang aku katakan, aku tidak dapat menjawab dengan baik pada petikan yang kedua dan ketiga.. tuk mengurangkan rasa sakit kepala ini, aku melihat siling dewan tu.. dan menggerakkan mataku ke kiri dan ke kanan.. Bagai nak pecah kepala ni.. kenapa pada waktu exam penting ni penyakit ni datang?? kemudian, perutku juga berkeroncong minta untuk diisi.. tak tahu lar sama ada orang terdengar atau tidak bunyi perutku yang comel ini..

Sakit kepala itu membuat aku tersandar pada kerusi.. pretending yang aku boleh bertahan.. aku membaca petikan ke-empat dengan cara seorang 'taiko', 'samseng'.. aku tak peduli apa orang katakan.. yang penting aku mesti baca n jawab jugak petikan tu.. akhirnya petikan ke-empat dan ke-lima aku berpuas hati dengan jawab tersebut.. lalu aku 'check' semula petikan yang sebelumnya.. namun masa tidak mencukupi.. arghh~ biarlaa... tawakal jak lar.. i did my best..

Kertas kedua (writing) aku jawab apa yang ada di otakku.. penat aku memerah otak.. akhirnya sekali lagi, kepala aku mula buat hal.. tanpa mempedulikan pemeriksa yang sedang melihat ragam dan perlakuan kami yang tengah menjawab, aku terus memicit-micit kepala aku.. ahh.. pedulilah.. terasa macam nak pergi facial or cuci rambut jak tym tu cuz nak kena urut kepala.. soalan aku jawab dalam masa 20 minit sedangkan masa yang diperuntukkan adalah 40 minit.. maaflah.. aku memang tak dapat nak fikir dah cuz kepala ni buat hal.. masuk ja soalan ke2.. aku jawab lintang pukang.. pendahuluannya memang agak 'power' gak lar ayat dia.. tapi bila da masuk isi2 tu, aku kehilangan kata-kata.. tak tersusun ayat-ayat yang aku cuba keluarkan..

Kertas ke3, (listening).. sangat senang hati.. sebab kertas terakhir tuk hari ini.. lepas ni bolehlah aku tidur lepas makan panadol.. lepas saja menjawab, aku terus blah dari dewan tu.. lalu menuju ke cafe.. nak beli makanan, tapi langsung takda makanan yang menyelerakan.. nak makan kat luar pun, terasa malas sangat kaki-kaki ni tuk melangkah kuar dari IP.. lagi 1 yang 'hen ma fan', nak berurusan dengan security kat depan tu hah.. kuar pun nak kad matrix.. kalau orang takda kad matrix tu takleh kuar lar tu? Adeh.. sangat merimaskan.. macam asrama sekolah adik aku kat smesh tu pulak nak tinggalkan kad pelajar..

alamatnya, tak makan nasi lah aku hari ni.. selera makan aku tidak menentu sejak bulan 3 yang lepas.. aku tak tahulah mengapa.. semuanya kerana tekanan.. exam lagi.. tak apalah.. yang penting.... minggu depan kami ada lawatan pergi ke sekolah-sekolah.. n yang pasti, aku mahu balik rumah minggu depan.. *aduiii.. napa ayat sya skema ni????!!*

Friday, April 24, 2009

Penawar Hatiku~

Iyayayaya.. korg nmpak tu gmbar d atas tu?? uhuhuhuhu.. mau makan pizza.. piring tu kosong.. cm tu jgk lar hidup sya tanpa pizza.. lol.. mengada2.. hmm.. slalu kalo balik kk (balik umah), biasanya sya akan bawa mem sya p pizza.. bha.. sudah lar cerita pasal pizza ni.. tp jap.. b4 sya tamat kan cerita pizza.. sya mau minta blanja urang mkn pizza ne.. wawawawa..

Nah… kiut kan?? yg pink tu nmanya Pinky-winky.. yg merah tu nmanya ZiReD.. wakakak.. suka sya kasi nama2 ni benda asing ni.. actually suma ada 4… ehh.. 5… PINK, RED, ORANGE, BLUE, n GREEN.. suma ni my bestfriend yg bagi, michelle.. (^_^).. cute kan?? actually i only got 4 bha.. but i want da orange colour so i got lar.. thx to michelle n belle cuz so nice 2 give me.. nnt yg 3 ekor tu sya upload.. ni klo org slalu jejak kaki g watsons ni, msti kenal ngan patung cute nie.. (^_^)
Aduii.. gmbar ni kan, last year lg sya amik ni, tp tulah.. *tak tau mau ckp apa da..* Me & You.. ??? Apa lar konon tu? ngam2 tym sya nmpak ni gmbar tuk d-edit, sya tgh dgr lagu [You & Me – Life House].. So, thats y sya pun letak ‘Me & You’.. So Sweet rite??

Ni lg.. Sony Ericsson w910i sya yg teramat sya sayang *kunun*.. bygkn hp ni kuar tym kena announce n release hujung thn 2007, sya da minat.. pendam perasaan jak lar.. mo ni hp, tp tym tu da ada dah Nokia 5300 Xpress Music.. tu pun bukannya sya ska sgt.. i buy pun juz bcuz tu MUSIC EDITION n kira murah dr N73 Music Edition.. Actually sya mau N73 tu.. but my mum, tba2 call n tnya i want hp yg mana satu.., tym tu da lar sya kat umah.. mn lar dpt buat pilihan dgn bernas.. last2, i juz pick 5300.. uhhuuh.. *rasanya sya penah kot cerita pasal hp ni d entry March 2007.. kat live.spaces.com *
sya dpt ni SE w910i juz 3 months ago.. on 10th January 2009 i guess.. lupa da.. tp dlm bulan January lar yg pasti.. wuwuwu… bha.. tu pun kira okay da ni sya dpt eventhough lambat.. bak kata pepatah.. sabar membawa berkat.. *doiii*

Aa.. this is my 'Late' Nokia 5300 Xpress Music.. slama sya idup bersma hp ni, tak penah pla sya terfikir nak bg nma kat hp ni.. so, ari ni sya mau nmakan hp ni sbg, ‘KiKiLaLa’ lar..?? whatever.. dun mind lar what da name is.. This hp now is now on my desk n over than 2 weeks didnt charged n used.. cuz da battery got probs bha.. len si maa.. huhuhu..
Ni hp jgk lar yg berjaya m’habiskan $$$ sya cuz balik2 masuk ‘workshop’.. dr masalah restart2, g pecah screen *cuz kegeraman*, then memoryslot problem, smpai lar slide cable.. 3 tyms bha kena repair n then sumanya almost 400++.. so sieannnNN~!! can buy new hp liao lorhh.. wuhuu.. sayang n setia ngan hp ni punya pasal kan, last2, sya suh dia berehat.. cian dia bekerja tuk sya since March 2007.. *gila kar apa*
aa.. cukup lar setakat ni.. malas ni sya mau taip byk2.. *doii.. padahal byk da pun.. khakhakha*

Aduiiii~ BLOG!

Adehh~~ Malas ni sya mau update ni blog.. cuz i have another blog lg bha tuk d urus d live.spaces.. sna lebih secure blog sya cuz kat sna ja sya rasa selamat tuk luahkn almost everythin dr A-Z.. siap buat private lg n permission tuk view blog sya.. hanya org2 yg sya percaya n my MSN contacts jak leh bca tu blog.. tp d sebabkan semangat kekelasan tu ada *cewahh.. mau jgk bha.. lalala* so, sya kuatkan semangat tuk edit n post sumthin kat sni.. *doii.. cm lain jak bunyi jak 'sumthin' tu*..

Arghh.. berbalik pada cerita blog ni.. sya tak pndai lar m'blogging d sni.. so sya harap ada lar sapa2 leh ajarkan.. lol.. ni c grace punya pasal lar ni p link blog sya d pismppml09 tu.. khakahkahak.. *uikk. grace.. jan marah.. sya men2 jak bha.. wuwuwuwu.. thx aa.. (^^,)*..

Dr pagi td lg sya mencari template tuk blog ni smpai skrg lum jumpa2.. huuhuhu.. dah lar besok ada MUET.. pa barang ne? wish me luck jak lar.. lol.. teda kena mengena.. SOT mah.. ntah pa benda lae yg sya merapu ni..

Kadang2, kalo blog talampo byk tulisan pun burink jgk.. so.. sya pun malas lar mau taip pjg2.. sukup smpai d cni tuk ari ni.. len kali sya perkenalkan diri sya pla.. *buduss..!!!* khakahkahakh.. DaaAA~~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[March 22nd 2009] Meet da Novelist made me EXCITED!

Okay.. yesterday.. i went 2 CP with my ‘kakak’ kembar.. kuang3x.. dayah.. at first, i thought it will be only 2 of us.. after met her at cp, she told me that her friend n sister of her friend will also join us.. wahhh.. takazut gila.. huuh.. i have 2B hipokrite in front of them lar ne jawabnya.. bukan apa.. kan sya ne agak hyperactive jgk lar kadang2.. kadang crazy.. too much talking n sumtyms i dun even know what am i talking about… takkan mau tunjuk perangai buruk kat dpn kwn2 dia.. huaaaaAAA.. no freedom ne.. takpa lar.. so while waiting 4 d others sampai, me n dayah went 2 da ‘pesta buku’ at da ground floor.. i told dayah that the writer aka novelist also there.. wahh… she was excited tahap gaban ne..

Lynn Dayana is the writer of JIKA BENAR CINTA which is 1 of my favourite novel among the novels i have.. (^_^).. Dayah told me she wanna buy a novel by Anis Ayuni.. I also wanna buy 1 from Lynn Dayana, but i already had her book.. So, i didnt buy lorhh… the workers there told us, we can also bring da novel from home n get their autograph there…huhuhuhu.. we didnt know pun they r coming sabah.. if only i noe, i brought all my novels from home including my rak2 buku tu skali.. kui3x… i leave only dayah 2 buy it n get d autograph.. i was jealous cuz i also want 2 have autograph from them in take picture 2gether.. only after fikir 2 3 n seacrhing n looking n finding da book yg berkenan d hati, then i found i.. i buy a book entitled TARIKH LUPUT CINTA by Lynn Dayana~ wahhh`~~ so excited.. n i dunnoe y lar.. haha.. here’s da picture of us that taken yesterday at ALAF 21, PESTA BUKU SABAH in CENTER POINT SABAH..

eXcited gila.. hhuhuuhuhu.. I was speechless bila dpn dorg.. OMG! TERGAMAM.. mayb they thought i was juz saja2 go there.. nooOO!!! sya minat gila2 kat dorg but dunnoe y lar langsung takda kata2 yg kuar dr mulut sya yg comel ne.. huhuhuhuhu… sorry yar.. when i’m nervous, mmg sya tak dpt berkata-kata..huhuhu.. rugi… but nevermind lar.. i had their picture n i had their autograph.. (^_^).. owhya.. when Kak Lynn ask me what’s my name (cuz she wanted 2 sign n write my name on da novel i bought), i told her my full name, hahahahaha!! but she didnt know how 2 spell it, so i wrote my name on a paper n she say my name twice.. Kak Anis pun sebut2 nma sya.. hahaha!! excited ne sya.. of cuz lar.. cuz takda org nama IZZAURA tau.. ekekekekekek.. I dun mind if they use my name in their novel.. tp bg lar watak yg baik2 yer.. hehehheheh~~.. (^_^).. HOPE SO…(Wahh… demand.. hahaxX~!)

okay.. done bout da Pesta buku.. we went 2 PALM SQUARE n wait 4 dayah’s friends there.. while waiting, i was trying 2 make a video call with my hney.. but, arghhh.. he didnt answer my phone maA! nnt tym dia mau call, xda 3G, baru mau tanya2 p tukar ini tukar itu, call ini call itu, ckp ngan celcom careline ini itu.. HaihzZ!! Kalo lar MAXIS 3G smpai p umah kami kan bagus.. ni tidak.. nak harap celcom, huh.. hampeh,… 3 weeks already i wait 4 my 3G simcard activation from them, smpai skrg lom lg siap2.. weird0… dah call, but they still ask 2 wait 24hours but then nothing happend.. haihzZZ.. i’m so disappointed.. trus malas ni mau p celcom center.. biarlaa tu.. malas sya mau jd pengguna yg cerewet.. huaaAAl.. sya memang cerewet pun… tp malas bha mau p sana urus2…

Then, I met dayah’s friend n then we went 2 growball cinema n bought muviee tickets… We watch STREET FIGHTERS – LEGEND OF CHUI MING… (ntah betul tidak nama dia tu.. hohoh).. aFter that, we went downstairs n EAT… mengisi perut yg dr pagi lum d isi.. huhuhuh… cian perutku yg comel ne lum di isi sejak pagi.. berkeroncong ja.. mula2 tu i set my mind mau mkn d pizza hut, tp… sya tak biasa lar lau ada mereka2 yg sya tak brpa rapat.. i dun really lyk 2 choose when there’s sum1 yg i guess we havent get close yet.. takut nnt kena ckp demand pla.. (wahh.. mmg demand pun ni.. huhuhu).. so at last, we isi perut kat Faezah Super Cafeteria ntah apa nama tu restoran.. Lebih kurang gtu lar..
Lama menunggu, my nasi pattaya seafood lom sampai2.. warghhh… ni sya geram ni… i dun like waiting makanan ne… buat sya rasa lebih2 lapar… but if terlalu lama, my kelaparan turun, n my kemarahan naik.. membuatkan perut sya merajuk n takda mood mau minta diisi lg.. huhuu.. kasian sgt perut ni.. sabar2… berkali-kali sya mengeluh, but still i know yg makanan tu takkan sampai.. sambil2 menunggu, sya hirup sikit2 milo iced sya tu.. (MILO PING lar tu…). Last2, tinggal 1/4 lg.. wahhh!! ini menaikkan rasa marah ni!! so i asked da waiter where’s my food??!! (wahh!! da cm kebuluran pulak sya tanya gtu.. khahahahaha!).. dorg ckp, wait2, kejap lg tu.. sory.. boleh tunggu bha kan? (astaga! soklan pa yg dorg tanya ne.. kalo sya jwb tidak?? boleh kar?). cm mau jgk sya lari dr sna n go 2 da PIZZA HUT.. huhuhu.. sedey tahap gaban.. nmpak lg air kelapa d dpn, buat sya mengidam2 lg mau minum tu kelapa.. huaaAA~
Dah lebih 1 minggu da sya mengidam mau minum air kelapa ne. smpai skrg lum lg terminum-minum.. iskk.. tp takut gak lar sya minum.. cuz everytime after sya minum, sya akan sakit.. terutamanya ari tu lar.. tym bulan FEBUARY.. I still remember after 2 days cmtu, my body infected with backteria.. n da worst of all, each tym 1 go 2 toilet, OMG! my pee was badly in pain n got blood lgtuh in d end!! rasa cm mau mati dah pun ada..then i go 2 hospital n checked.. tym check tu lg lar.. bikin panaz.. da whole day i’m in hospital waiting 4 my giliran.. aduiii… sabar ja lar.. then bila da check, da doctor said my body ada bakteria, cuz sya kurang minum air, n this may cause BATU KARANG if i continue kurang minum air kosong.. WEIRD! SO SO WEIRD! padahal sya minum air cm biasa.. n then i remembered.. i drink a bottle of vitagen a day before that, mayb pasal tu dorg terdetect ada bakteria.. HAHAHA~ Tp still weird lar jgk.. cuz tetiba ja dpt sakit tu… sedangkan me n my roomate makan n minum benda yg sama.. WEIRD.. kar sya kena buatan orang?? Ishh!! Nauzubillahi Minzalikh~!!!!!
Da doctor give me Potrit Mixture n Antibotic.. sHe warned me to stay away from taking too much sugar, n apa2 lar yg telampo manis, masin, masam… haihzZZ!! u noe what?? that was da bad week i ever had when i cant eat foods n drinks that i wanted… kena control ni… thanks 2 my akak dayah, n roomate AP lar cuz jaga sya n control me from taking those DISTRICTED FOOD n buat sya sihat semula.. haahahah.. but also thanks 2 my bestfriend, jia cuz bg sya curi2 minum SPRITE dia g manis yg menjadi idaman sya tym2 sya kena QUARANTINE drpd benda2 manis.. hahahahahaa!! best pla curi2 makan minum ni kan?? heheh.. kerja gila.. i can only stand for 1 week drpd kuarantin2.. then after 1 week sya sihat tu, sya tak peduli da pantang larang yg doktor ckp tu.. hahaha~ malas lar ikut pantang larang.. i dun lyk terikat like that.. kekekekke.. tym sakit baru mau dgr ckp lar?? kekekekekke…
huaaa… da melencong pulak cerita sya ne.. kekkekeke.. lepas makan n jalan2 jap baru kami g tgk wayang.. best lar tu cerita walaupun agak ganaz2 lar.. ahahhahahah… aduii lepas tgk kami pun pulang… apa2 pun, smpai2 ja umah, sakit kaki, n sakit kepala.. ahahahahahah… ni lar yg xtvt yg memenatkan tp dpt hasil.. kekkekek.. k lar, sya mau baca novel, TARIKH LUPUT CINTA by Lynn Dayana ne.. korg pun cari2 lar novel ni n baca..

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